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Listed Building Renovations and Repairs

When it comes to listed building renovations, it’s important to know there are strict regulations that aim to preserve the historic structure and character of the building both externally and internally.   It is therefore vital that you obtain listed building consent from your local council.   Any unauthorised works can result in a fine.

It can be a complex area, but we are always on hand to offer advice on contacting your local authority to check if planning permission is required and can help you appoint an architect for the design, and structural engineers to assess the stability of the existing building.

Tips for Listed Building Renovations

There are a few basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to listed buildings;

  1. Ensure you have the correct home insurance – it is advisable to use a specialist insurance company for a listed building
  2. Document everything – keep all permissions and plans even after work is complete.  You will need proof of things like planning permission if you are ever challenged in the future or for when you sell your home
  3. If you are buying a listed building, make sure you gain all paperwork and documents for any works which have already been carried out.  Unfortunately, if you are ever challenged on works that were on the property before you purchased, you could still be liable.
  4. Stick to traditional building methods, don’t try and use modern repair methods for old listed buildings, chances are they won’t last and could cause more damage
  5. Don’t try and move doors or demolish fireplaces.  These original features are often protected as an integral part of the building listing.
  6. Take your time.  Talk to the professionals about all your ideas, they will be able to guide you on what will work best for your listed building.

Why D J Hutchings & Sons?

D J Hutchings & Sons Ltd has the expertise and experience in renovating listed buildings.  We know how to meet the varied and complex demands of working with historic and traditionally constructed buildings of all types.

Having worked on many types of listed buildings in the past we have built up a reputation as a contractor with a deep understanding of the demands involved in renovating or repairing a listed building.

What Services We Can Offer for Listed Building Renovations and Repairs

Depending on what you require and where in the process you are, we can offer the following services for listed building renovations;

  • Full property renovation and refurbishment using traditional skills and materials
  • Bespoke Joinery
  • Structural Repairs
  • Brick & Stonework Repairs
  • Lime Plastering & Rendering Works

If you are looking to renovate a listed building or require repairs please contact us

Our Case Studies

We’ve completed a range of projects across the commercial, private and public sector.

New Extension and Alterations

Category: Listed Building Renovations and Repairs

One of our regular clients instructed us through a local architect to remove a conservatory and build a new extension to the front or their period property.    Having worked with us on previous projects they had confidence in the quality of our workmanship and the respect all our tradespeople have working on this type of property.

The end result shown in the pictures really showcases what we are able to offer our clients.

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